Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Locked out

I'm finding myself getting locked out of more and more of the online world. 

TwiXXer was just the first. I just tried to make a new account only for the purpose of watching SpaceX launches (they've announced they will only be streaming future launches to inferior phone and computer screens instead of adequate-sized TV screens), but I was blocked before I could even get the account set up. Anyone know of a good free VPN?

Recently, other services started having more "glitches" which locked me out. I usually find a way back in, but sometimes I just write it off. SubscribeStar is still dragging its feet (or ignoring me) on approving my account, which I set up on July 2.

Coincidence? Probably... but could it be the first sign of a social credit score being used to punish people who aren't enthusiastic worshipers of the State and all its minions? Probably not. But it does give me a taste of how that would feel. It isn't pleasant. Reality or not, it does feel like being curb-stomped by a Terminator.

I can't say I didn't see this coming-- although I was foolish enough to think it would come mainly from The State first.


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