Monday, March 18, 2024

Special kind of stupid, or clever troll?


I keep saying that anti-gun bigots are stupid, but according to this meme I found on X, they apparently keep trying to show that they are even more stupid than I had believed possible.

The premise is a lie- there's no such thing as "gun violence".
The grammar is pitiful and nearly incomprehensible.
Their math/physics is impossibly ignorant.
The "solution" they seem to be promoting would make things worse by empowering people who already don't mind murdering innocent people.

If that's their "voice" they should be humiliated that it was made public!

Unless this is a trick by trolls to make anti-gun bigots look even more stupid than they are. If so, Bravo! (And I can't help suspecting this is the case, because I have a hard time comprehending that this level of stupidity isn't immediately fatal.)

If this is "for real", this is pathetic. They are simply too stupid to be listened to by anyone with an IQ above that of a politician.

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