Monday, July 14, 2014

Shaneen Allen: Innocent by virtue of "Shall NOT be infringed"

I was asked to share this blog post, and I'm happy to do so.

New Jersey’s Gun Laws: Taking Innocent Single Mothers Away From Their Children

There is no such thing as "unlawful possession"- of anything, and especially not guns. This woman is being made a political prisoner. She did nothing wrong as far as I can tell from this case. "Routine traffic stops" are a gross violation of the human right to travel without molestation, so the cop was the bad guy right from the start. Then he chose to escalate his evil to a new level.

This is what happens when you expect cops to do the right thing. NEVER trust cops. NEVER offer any information- or even speak to them. And in every way possible, shun them completely in your personal life.

I wish Ms. Allen the best, but I fear for her safety in the hands (and cages) of the bad guys who call themselves The State.


Selective outrage

If you support any "victimless crime laws" then your support inevitably leads to people being kidnapped and jailed for things like collecting their own rain runoff.

You can't have the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, or anti-sex "laws", or "drivers licenses" without making it "OK" to violate people for other things that are none of anyone else's business.

So, next time you get infuriated over someone being "arrested" and punished for something you know is absolutely ridiculous, take a moment to remember and consider the victims of the counterfeit "laws" you still support.