Tuesday, May 09, 2017

War, and those who make it

What is it with people glorifying war and those whom governments use to make war?

War isn't manly, heroic, or honorable. It is childish. Allowing a government to send you to someone else's territory to make war is stupid.

That doesn't mean you are childish to defend yourself from any childish invaders who come to you to pick a fight. If a kid walks up to kick you in the shins, I'm not going to fault you for shoving him away, and if an invader comes to your town, violating people and their property, I support you doing anything you need to to stop him. He's the one "going to war", you are just defending yourself.

I stop short of saying that those who go to war are cowards. I think many evil acts are brave. It takes courage to break into a house and rape a family. It takes the same kind of courage to travel to the other side of the world to murder people trying to defend their homes from you, knowing that they will be trying to kill you. Courage, but evil. Courage without ethics is dangerous.

No one has ever gone to fight on the other side of the world for "American freedom". Not once. No, not even against the Nazis. Such a sacrifice doesn't help "America", but only "The US" (which is the government currently infesting America).

Don't join the government's military. It doesn't make anything better or safer for your loved ones. It only helps the politicians and bureaucrats and those who sell war tools to them. You are siding against liberty if you are in the government's military. Empowering evil, instead of helping anyone or anything worthy.

To honor those who have been in the government's military is sick. To pretend that anything they did was good is delusional. I won't play that game.


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