Sunday, July 26, 2020

Politics reason behind a lot of anger

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 24, 2020)

Why is there so much anger in the world?

People fight over statues; over differing opinions on gender, race, and policing. Over masks and whether to end the shutdown or keep society imprisoned until everyone is perfectly safe-- which can never be.

Activists are even protesting to abolish the Fourth of July... without mentioning Independence Day. I guess if they are successful, future calendars will skip from the third to the fifth... unless the activists are confused.

What causes anger over such issues? Politics-- where every win comes at someone's expense.

Politics forces everyone along the same path. Legislation dictates things only our ethics and morals should determine. To understand the anger, notice how politics makes a difference of opinion into a life and death struggle. An unnecessary one.

It's odd that something imagined to be a hallmark of civilized society is instead the root of most antisocial behavior. Trying to form a society around politics is like trying to form a pearl around a pellet of nuclear waste.

If you want to play politics, go ahead, but any results should only apply to you. You shouldn't expect others to be bound by your results. They shouldn't be expected to fund your political institutions or agencies. If you want it, you fund it. I have better uses for my money.

Just as there is no "one-size-fits-all" church, you shouldn't be able to force everyone to participate in the same political system based on location. Or any political system at all. If you force everyone to play your game by your rules, or else, your game is toxic. Society would be better off without it.

Just imagine if no one were forced to fund a park or a statue. If your group builds a park, good for you. If you want to put a statue in the park to honor Willie Nelson, people can choose to visit your park or not. As long as they aren't forced to subsidize it, they aren't harmed.

If, however, you force people to chip in for the park and pay for statues and monuments to things they dislike, it's no wonder people get angry. I do, too.

The way these things are currently done causes strife. It's long past time to give it up and try something better. Something voluntary, based on unanimous consent. If you want to chip in, go ahead. If you'd rather not, go your own way. It's the only civilized way to organize a society.

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Robbed by politicians

I was supposed to be in the New Mexico mountains all this week with the extended family. I would be there now.

It was planned and booked in early February. I was looking forward to some time in the mountains and on some trails-- time I am in severe need of but can't afford on my own.

Then... The Corona.

Or rather, it was politicians who shut down so much stuff using The Corona as their excuse that the family decided to cancel the trip. The fascist/socialist New Mexico governatress proclaimed that any visitors to New Mexico were "required" to quarantine for 14 days, when our vacation would only last a week. Blocked just because I live less than 7 blocks east of an imaginary line.

The part of the vacation I was in need of-- mountain trails-- wasn't shut down but with the parents coming down with coronavirus just weeks ago, and not knowing if anyone else would get it, and everyone else caring that shops and restaurants might be "off-limits" to us, I understand why they and the rest of the family canceled the plans.

I'm trying to not let it get to me. Stuff happens, and all that. Still, I'm pretty unhappy right now. And, yes, I blame the political vermin.

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