Saturday, June 01, 2024

FISA declaration a war on liberty

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for April 28, 2024)

The enemies of America just scored another major victory against us. Did you notice?

The reauthorization and expansion of the deceptively named "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" (FISA) is an anti-American act. Both Democrat and Republican politicians were in on this crime.

Any government which gives itself permission to spy on you is not on your side. Whether it's China's government, the government of Iran, or the US federal government, it's your enemy and is telling you so directly in plain language. It's up to you to hear what it's telling you and believe it.

For Congress to rubber-stamp FISA is a declaration of war on you and your liberty. The problem is, it's such a common thing for Congress and the rest of the federal government to escalate their ongoing war on you that no one pays attention anymore. It's business as usual; it's just another day in Police State America. The USA has become what I grew up being told the evil Soviet Union was. Maybe they were, but so is the USA now, and perhaps it always was.

National security is a lie which has nothing to do with protecting you, your life, or even "the nation"; it's strictly about protecting the federal government and its power to tax and control you into perpetuity.

It's why the US has an unconstitutional standing military. It's why the unconstitutional (and ironically named) intelligence agencies exist. In America, "unconstitutional" means illegal; against the foundational rules which allow the federal government to exist as an institution. Break those rules and the deal is off. The federal government has lost any legitimacy it might once have had.

It's best to distinguish between America and The United States of America. America is the people, the society. the land, the cultures, and the traditions. The USA is the political government occupying America, giving jobs to political criminals who rule you. You can choose whichever side you prefer in this cold war, but you can't straddle the fence and pretend to support both.

The public is brainwashed to confuse government with society. These opposites are commonly conflated, and the confusion is useful to your enemies.

I love America and I wish it could have been saved from the criminals who thought up and imposed FISA. Now, it's probably up to our grandchildren to wrestle liberty back from the bloodstained talons of the security state. I wish them luck.
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Bottom line

If you can’t hate something and still oppose legislation against it, you place too much faith in The State.

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