Saturday, November 19, 2016

When the imaginary causes trouble

Politics, government, and "laws" are like a battle between leprechauns and fairies.

The leprechauns and fairies can't hurt you, but those who believe in them can. And do. Their whole struggle is based on imaginary things and conflicts between those imaginary things. And yet, the believers are willing to see you harmed over their hallucinations.

Government (or more accurately, The State) doesn't exist outside the human mind. This firing of neurons that makes government seem real to some people inspires the afflicted to steal money and erect buildings, send others to murder and die on the other side of the planet, and make up unnecessary or harmful "laws".

But this mental glitch has no physical reality. It's not even something that can be studied like "love".

Which is probably why I was uncooperative in "government" classes; the teachers are pretending to teach facts about something imaginary. Something completely subjective.

Now, if they'd change tack and inform the students about how people behave when afflicted with this particular mental illness, I could understand such a class. In fact, I could see a value in it-- teaching kids how to avoid this superstition and protect themselves from those so infected would be important. But instead they pretend government is something "necessary", important, and worthy of respect.

So, yes, let's revolve our lives around the battles of the leprechauns and fairies, and pretend the outcome matters to the real people and the world they live in. Beyond, of course, the behavior of those who actually believe in them. Because the actions of the True Believers matters-- always in a very negative way.


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