Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lethal threats from trespassers

OK, so I'm confused.

If I go into someone's yard, and they tell me to leave, and I don't, so they chase me out, they are somehow the bad guy?

Or maybe I'm just pacing the road in front of their house, periodically aiming a rifle through their window. If they tell me to stop it, or aim their rifle at me, they are threatening me?

What if I break down their door, rape their daughters, smash up the place a bit, and they fight back. They are the bad guy for fighting me, and I'm a hero?

So, why do people worship the US military doing the same things I just described the fictional me doing, but doing them on a massive scale?

If you are flying war planes in a threatening manner around someone's home territory, YOU are the bad guy. You deserve to have those planes shot down. The pilots are being bad guys and deserve to die. If you call any objection or resistance to your planes "aggression" you are lying.

If you are a military employee breaking stuff and threatening people in someone else's home territory, and you get shot, YOU were the bad guy. It's no different from a homeowner shooting a burglar or rapist he catches in his house.

If you are sailing your war ship off the coast of someone's territory, as some sort of "show of force", YOU are the one provoking. It's not "aggression" for the locals to object or take action against you.

I've heard lots of absurdities along these lines over the past several days. US military supporters complaining that US weaponry is being "attacked" and "threatened" while trespassing and threatening. The choice of words they are using to describe these events is dishonest in the extreme. A whole new level of lying to shape the thinking of those who don't think.

The lies are wearing thin. The liars look like fools to anyone other than the brainwashed military lovers, because they are fools. And aggressors- archators. The US military are bad guys, even if their enemies are ALSO bad guys. You can't do right by doing wrong, then lying about what is going on.

Trespassers looking for victims


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