Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bizarre overly-political questions

There's an interesting thing I've noticed while on Quora. Those with a name that appears to me to be of Indian (subcontinent) origin ask a lot of questions which are the political equivalent of "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?'

Stuff like "Can you describe the seven principles of governing each of the 5 classes of citizens and how these principles affect their traditional duties to all levels of the state?"

That was obviously a totally made-up question, but anyone who spends much time on Quora can probably confirm it accurately reflects the form of the questions they tend to ask. Who worries this deeply about politics?

Only a highly intelligent person could come up with such questions, but it seems like a tragic waste of brainpower.

That makes me wonder if their culture (whichever culture that might be) is obsessed with politics in a way I don't see elsewhere-- even among most Trumpeters and TDS sufferers.

It could just be that I tend to notice those bizarre questions more than others. Or, because they deal with things I've never heard of, they stick in my mind longer. Or, I might be making bad assumptions about the origins of the names. It could be confirmation bias or racism. But over and over these questions jump out at me. I don't often try to answer them, unless the core principle of "govern yourself, not others" applies in a way I can easily explain.

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