Sunday, May 08, 2022

Texas marijuana laws are failure

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for April 6, 2022)

An excellent measure of whether a "law" is good or bad is to see if it prohibits something that isn't prohibited elsewhere-- especially, right next door. If something is clearly bad enough for there to be unanimous agreement it should be prohibited, I might give the argument in favor of prohibition some thought. Otherwise, the law is trash, unworthy of a moment's consideration or my support.

By this measure, Texas' marijuana "laws" fail. Hard.

The Eastern New Mexico News reported last week that Texas DPS spokesman Sgt. Johnny Bures warned, “I would caution folks about what they bring back from New Mexico and all states in general...Just because something is legal in one state does not mean it is legal in Texas”.

Bures admitted he was talking about more than marijuana; things such as firearms, fireworks, and other items governments have no legitimate say in controlling-- or are constitutionally prohibited from controlling.

I would add, as a counterpoint to his assertion, that just because something is illegal doesn't mean possessing it is actually wrong.

He is openly admitting to being involved in a conspiracy to violate your natural human rights based on the opinions of a handful of politicians. Or maybe, based on the opinions of an uninformed majority of voters. Either way, it's not the right thing to do.

These backward "laws", and those willing to enforce them, are what keep Texas from being the beacon of liberty it could be.

Unfortunately, New Mexico is no better. All political governments are involved in similar rights violations, based on whatever the political criminals with power believe they can get away with.

Simple possession of anything can never be a real crime since crime requires actual damage-- harm-- to a specific individual victim's life, liberty, or property. Any legislation prohibiting something is a bad "law". Enforcing it is wrong, even if you can get away with it for now. Eventually, you're going to look just as bad as the federal agents enforcing prohibition in the 1920s, and those enforcing runaway slave acts before that, look now. To some of us, that's what you already look like.

Do I think it's always smart to use Cannabis? No. Abuse of anything is stupid. Prohibition is legislation abuse and is worse than any substance abuse. In fact, prohibition isn't just stupid, it's evil. I never side with those who hallucinate the political authority to prohibit anything.


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Ministry of what?

Calling Biden's new "Disinformation Governance Board" the "Ministry of Truth" works if enough people know the book 1984. Which I somewhat doubt is the case in the year 2022.

Otherwise, it may sound like a good thing to the masses. I mean, Ministry of TRUTH? Great, we need more truth. Right?

But of course, that's not what its real job will be. 

There are more accurate names for it. Such as the Disinformation Dissemination Board, the Disinformation Protection Board, or my personal favorite: The Department of Lies.

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