Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Trump's documents and the Feral Baby Incinerators

Do I care whether Trump had "classified" or "Top Secret" documents at his house? Nope. Not even a little.

There is just nothing there for me to care about.

I don't need a president-- I don't need to be governed. I don't support current or former presidents.

Neither do I support any criminal government agency such as the FBI conducting raids to protect government secrets, not even when the target is a current or former president (or any other political criminal).

I'm more in agreement with L. Neil Smith on that topic when he said: "...government secrets must be forbidden by law, and ... any government employee who is convicted of lying to any member of the public for any reason must be hanged by the neck—in public and on prime time network television—until he or she is dead." (from here)
He made similar statements about government secrets multiple times.

Government secrets are protected by government lies, so the two are inseparable and are both completely inexcusable and intolerable.

Now, obviously, I don't support any "laws" or an institutionalized death penalty, but I agree with the sentiment that nothing is worse than government keeping a secret. Government (if legitimate in any way) is your servant, not your master. The servant can not be allowed to keep job secrets from the boss. Doing so is at least a firing offense-- I don't care what the secret is, or how many people would justify it. Just, No.

If you're worried that people might die if a secret gets released, those people shouldn't have gotten involved in political games in the first place. Doing so isn't ethical or honorable, it's evil, and sometimes evil behavior has painful consequences. Too bad.

No government secrets, ever, for any reason. Release them ALL immediately.


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