Monday, August 22, 2016

Division of labor

Division of labor is a good thing. I want to know how to do everything, but that's just not realistic. There are things that are complicated enough that it is really good there are experts available for me to hire.

Youtube has helped me do things I would have never attempted before. It's one thing to read about doing something, but quite another to watch someone demonstrating how to do it. I've encountered that reality in many areas of life.

By learning to do things for myself, I have saved a lot of money, and I have helped other people save money, too. And that's a great feeling. I do feel a little bad that by doing things myself I am keeping money out of the hands of someone who has become an expert and depends on being hired to do a job. But often, I don't have the money to hire them anyway, so it's either do it myself or do without.

The plus side for the professionals is that sometimes my attempt at handling it myself ends up screwing things up worse to the point I have to spend even more money to have them undo what I've done. 

And there are some things I just don't want to do, or don't believe I can do right that I will hire professionals to do. Sometimes it's almost as much so they can bring the right tools to the job as anything else.

I can't afford to buy every tool I need for some jobs. I realize you can borrow tools at many "public" libraries, or rent them (although the local rental place went out of business), but a lot of times I don't know I'll need a tool until I'm halfway into the job, and by then it's too late to try to track down what I need.

So, yes, I am a big fan of the division of labor.

Even if I believe division of labor is a good thing, there are some jobs I won't hire anyone to do, including "jobs" I don't think should be done at all.

"Jobs" like law enforcing, lawmaking, and otherwise governing. "Jobs" like enforcing a "national border", being in the military, or keeping people in prison and killing some of them in a premeditated manner, To force me to hire people to do a job I either prefer to do myself or don't want done at all is wrong. It is a violation of my life, liberty, and property. It is something I would never think of doing to any other person, and I am disgusted by those who advocate doing it to me.

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