Sunday, January 03, 2021

Feeling a little extra freedom lately

Did you just feel a little breeze of extra freedom? I felt it.

Why would I feel a bit freer than I did a couple of months ago? How could this happen?

It's mental freedom. Freedom from caring what government does or says.

Government stopped pretending to play by the rules which apply to it. The compliance of the people depends on government living within the rules. This is part of what is meant by "the consent of the governed". This consent requires an appearance of legitimacy.

It's gone.

Also gone is any concern over being scolded by the diehards still trying to play the rigged game. Some people will never face reality. They are making it harder on themselves.

I have a head start on them since I stopped believing in political government and withdrew any implied consent to be governed decades ago. I can still be bullied by those who claim to govern us, but I see them as common bullies; nothing more.

I'm also free of any illusion of the importance of voting. There's nothing anyone can say to overcome the reality exposed by the election of 2020.

As political observers throughout history have pointed out, it doesn't matter who votes, or how they vote, all that matters is who gets to count the votes.

It also matters whether courts decide it's more important to keep a veil of legitimacy around the whole system or if it's safer to hand the office to those who threaten to riot if they don't get what they want. Maybe the courts would rather keep them calm to avoid social disorder in urban areas.

In the past, I suspected elections went to whoever cheated the hardest. Now I suspect this new policy means future elections may go to whichever party makes the scariest threats. This suggests a new strategy for third parties who've so far been denied a seat at the table. The Libertarian Party is still at a serious disadvantage since its foundation rests on a principled rejection of aggression and respect for property rights.

The process-- the system-- has lost any credibility it may have once had. From now on I can ignore or ridicule the campaigns as I see fit without the slightest twinge of guilt.

However things turn out, government's own behavior has freed us from any responsibility to care what it does or decrees.

This is liberating. Do you feel it, too?

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The "power vacuum" deception

How many times have you heard a statist argue against liberty by proclaiming that it would leave a "power vacuum", ready to be filled by some other evildoer?

Have you ever really thought about that claim?

Getting rid of political government doesn't leave a power vacuum. There is no lack of power in its absence. This simply puts the power back where it has really always been: with the individual. It's up to you to use your power correctly.

Yes, some individuals might seek to join forces to impose themselves on others, as is the current situation. So? This is just the silly "But wouldn't a warlord take over?" excuse slightly rephrased.

Once you get rid of the imaginary veil of legitimacy you can shoot such bad guys without being considered a criminal. Thus always to tyrants.

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