Sunday, November 17, 2013

Celebrity watching

Pretty often I see "serious minded" folk making fun of those who obsess over the latest celebrity trainwreck... while following what various puppeticians do as if it is important business.

How silly.

Paying attention to politics has as much real world value as obsessing over what Miley is smoking or who she's twerking.

Both are just cases of substandard people in far off places, with no real place of importance in your personal life, living in your head.

Your attention just feeds their ego and gives them reason to believe they really are as important as they imagine themselves to be.  Sure you can say the politicians impose laws and taxes and have the power to destroy your life, but your compliance is really up to you.  They have as much power over your life as you give them.  Their local enforcers are the real problem, and yet, they still depend upon an illusion of legitimacy from their victims.  Stop giving it.

In fact, of the two obsessions, I'd say it is less vacuous and trivial to pay attention to celebrities.  At least they probably got your attention by doing something besides telling someone else to hold a gun to your head and steal your property and your liberty.