Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cancerous Cartmanism

If you don't have the right to do something, you can't ever get the "authority" to do it.

If the right to do something doesn't exist due to the nature of rights, you can't have the right to do it.

If you as an individual have no right to do something, a bigger group of individuals can't magically make the right pop into existence, and can't turn that magical "right" into "authority" to imbue someone else with. It just can't happen.

For example, you don't (you can't) have the right to outlaw plants and punish those who grow or possess them anyway, because that right can't exist, so the "authority" to outlaw plants (and punish people over them) isn't yours to claim or give away.

You don't have the right to forbid other people to smoke or ingest plants (or punish them for doing so) because such a right can't exist, so you can never have the "authority" to do so.

The same goes for banning weapons, "legalizing" theft (and otherwise violating the property rights of others), and generally imposing, supporting, or enforcing counterfeit "laws" of any sort.

If you try to do a thing you have no right to do, you are the bad guy. If you claim you have the "authority" to do something you have no right to do, then you are, if possible, an even worse bad guy.

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