Thursday, September 03, 2015

You can't spell it without "best"

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Recently I saw a news story about a woman who was arrested after pictures surfaced of her having sex with her dog. I'm not proud of the fact that this keeps coming back to my mind, but it does.

And, not in a good way.

It's like other horrific things I have seen or heard of; things I'd rather purge from my mind. But, which, for whatever reason, keep sticking around.

Bestiality utterly disgusts me... but for the life of me, I can't figure out any logical reason to criminalize it.

Who is harmed? The dog in this case had to be willing, plus he isn't a person. He wasn't even hurt. The woman was willing, and apparently enjoyed it. Even in cases of penetrative sex, there is no chance of a half human hybrid resulting. No risk of unwanted pregnancy leading to abortion.

It seems to all come down to disgust or "community standards", which are terrible excuses to destroy someone's life.

Which shows the difference between me and the control freaks out there. I am perfectly willing to be disgusted, and not use my emotional reaction as an excuse to kidnap someone and throw them in a cage- or murder them if they try to defend themselves from the kidnappers.


Cops vs security

If cops would act strictly as security, some of my objections to them would fade. I might choose to hire someone to investigate acts of aggression against my loved ones, or property violations against us, on my behalf.

I would still object to having to paying them by robbing my neighbors even if I did want to hire them for security. After all, theft is wrong even if it's for something I want.

But, it would still probably be better than what currently exists. I don't like being robbed to pay for my own violation. And this is what cops do. I don't want them kidnapping people for counterfeit "crimes". I don't want to pay them to spend time trying to catch me breaking their counterfeit rules. Modern policing does nothing beneficial, and lots of harmful things.

If I hired security and they treated people as cops do, I would fire them. And sue to get my money back. And encourage their victims to seek restitution. In fact, I would insist on such being part of any agreement I signed with them. You do not violate others or their property on my behalf, and if you do such things, I hope you suffer for it.

If you weren't forced to finance cops, would you?

I most certainly would not.