Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Those grapes are probably sour, anyway

Back a little over a week ago, when I wrote about my old FB friend who spent an odd amount of time and energy hating on Bitcoin and those who use it, I didn't dream a resurgence of that attitude was on the near horizon.

Yet, the past couple of days on Twitter has exposed a lot of it. I guess the recent surge in the Bitcoin price triggered some people.

At certain times I'll see post after post saying anyone who has Bitcoin, but no acreage, is an idiot. That Bitcoin users had better have a backup plan, etc. And some just saying Bitcoin is a scam and its value will drop to zero soon, "and how foolish you'll look when that happens!"

It's not that I even necessarily disagree with the first two. I'm less convinced of the last claim-- that Bitcoin will become valueless-- but admit it's always possible.

I would prefer acreage-- in a place where I want to be-- over Bitcoin any day. But Bitcoin is more attainable for me at the moment (since I already have a little). No one has yet donated acreage in the Rocky Mountain forests to me, nor do I expect it to ever happen. The price of Bitcoin would have to increase by a few orders of magnitude for me to be able to use it to buy such acreage.

And everyone had better have a backup plan. No matter how smart you are or how assured you believe your situation to be.

Agreeing with them on those points isn't enough to soothe them. I'm the enemy because I don't hate Bitcoin. Weird.

I can't know for sure, but I wonder if a lot of the hostility is "sour grapes".

If you are doing well and I'm not, I don't have any bad feelings about you (as long as you aren't archating, of course). Why would I? You didn't harm me. Your good fortune didn't cost me anything.

But I've noticed a lot of people don't see things that way. If you are doing well, they imagine it must be at someone else's expense (probably their own). If they realize they missed an opportunity that others didn't miss, it's not a pretty picture.

I honestly hope some of you are Bitcoin billionaires. And I hope you also have acreage where you want to live and at least one backup plan. I want you to do well. I can't imagine being someone who wouldn't want this.

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