Monday, January 15, 2024

So few words, so much wrong

In a newsletter from a "conservative" group, I saw the following statement, “The Second Amendment creates rights and responsibilities for citizens”.

No, it doesn’t. How could they squeeze that much wrong into such a short sentence?

The Second Amendment doesn't apply to "citizens" at all, in any way. It applies to government only. It creates a ban on government having any say over weapons. That’s all. Anyone's weapons. Any other suggestion means you don’t understand.

Rights can’t be created. Not by a document or anything else. Rights are eternal.

The only responsibility created applies to government; the responsibility to stay out of the way. Don't get between people-- not only "citizens"-- and their eternal, natural human right to own and to carry whatever weapons they choose. That obviously includes weapon attachments and accessories and the ammunition to feed those weapons. It also includes the invention of new and exotic weapons. Government is required to keep its "laws" off weapons entirely.

Government isn't allowed to "tax" weapons, do background checks, issue licenses, ration weapons of any type, or do anything else with regard to weapons. Weapons are off-limits to government's rules and wishes.

To ask for, propose, pass, or enforce ANY legislation concerning weapon ownership or possession is a crime. It should be treated as a crime, and those guilty of committing these crimes should be treated as the criminals they clearly are.

There is no wiggle room. 

"Conservatives" don't really like this fact any more than "progressives" do. They both want to allow government to control weapons in private hands in some way. Both are the enemy of liberty.

If you want to support what I do, you will. If not, you won't.
Thank you.