Saturday, October 15, 2022

Cops have only themselves to blame

Sometimes, as I drive or walk around town, I see prisoners being used as slave labor on the grounds of the local cop-shop-- I mean "law enforcement center". It disgusts me to see this.

They are dressed in the old black and white striped prisoner uniforms. I've read the local police reports, so I know it's not likely that any of them violated real laws; most likely counterfeit ones. I mean, it's probably not going to be the truly rare dangerous prisoner used for outdoor slave labor, right?

Which brought a thought to mind the other day as I walked past.

If I saw a prisoner escaping from the local jail, I wouldn't help the cops catch him. I'm certainly not going to report a sighting to them if I think I saw him somewhere else. 

This doesn't apply if I know, for myself, that he committed an actual crime. I'm not prone to believe what lying cops say about what someone did. Nor am I going to be convinced by a report in the paper since those usually just parrot whatever the cops want printed.

Legislation enforcers today have discredited themselves so badly by enforcing counterfeit "laws" that my default assumption would be that the prisoner is being held unethically. I'm not going to help them violate someone. They've done this to themselves and have only themselves to blame.

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