Saturday, February 20, 2016

Are YOU a monster?

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Your feelings make no difference. The "law" makes no difference. If you ban guns on property you manage, You Are A Monster.

You are telling the world you don't care about anyone's safety- except the safety of people who come to your property armed and intent on murder.

Again: your feelings are irrelevant, as are "laws". Those things don't change the truth of what you are doing. You are helping murderers carry out their attacks. Yes, YOU!

Because- and you know you've heard this countless times, yet you fail to grasp the reality of it: Bad guys who already don't mind breaking "laws" forbidding rape, murder, theft, or whatever ARE NOT GOING TO BE BOTHERED BY THE FACT THEY ARE BREAKING ANOTHER RULE!!! The ONLY effect your rule might have is to keep good armed people away- the very people you NEED to have around when the bad guys saunter past your silly signs.

I can't stress this enough because rules like yours KILL PEOPLE all the time. If you ban guns on property you are responsible for, you are saying you are willing to sacrifice innocent lives for a political agenda. You are not being "reasonable" or cautious, or even "law abiding". You are being a monster who is loudly proclaiming that innocent lives don't mean squat to you.

And if you justify it with "laws" and such, you are also a coward; unwilling to ignore deadly rules for the sake of appearances.

It is appalling and sickening that people like you are mistakenly given any responsibility over anything.



America: it was probably a nice concept

I can get irritated when people get tied up in definitions and words.

And, yet, I can do the same thing.

Many years ago I said "If you love America, fear the US", and "The US is the greatest threat America has ever faced". Many people don't understand what I'm saying, so I'll explain.

It bothers me that people use the words "The United States" (or even worse, "The US") to refer to America. It bothers me less now that I recognize the evil of every State, but it does still bother me some. It's a flaw.

But, lets trace the course of this trainwreck.

Originally, there were just people. They formed communities and some of them tied their identity to those communities. Some of the communities merged, and merged again, and joined to become states. A tragic mistake, but it is as it is.

Over time, in one of the places on Earth, those states united to become a nation, a sort of compound state: America. Again, there is nothing good about nations- any nations- but we are talking about what happened, not what should have happened.

Sometimes the people who lived in America liked to point out that America consisted of states which had united, and would describe America as "the united states of America", just like I could describe myself as a combination of various body parts, which if I wanted to spell it out, I could do by saying I consist of "the various parts of Kent". Yet, I remain Kent, and the united states of America remains America.

Or, does it?

Now it seems the "Union" has become more important than America in the minds of most people. "United States" is routinely capitalized, and often "America" is dropped altogether. "America" has become unimportant.

That's like me being called "The Various Parts" instead of "Kent".

The attractive promises made at the founding of America have all been broken now. Wise people see this is where "government" always leads, and why establishing one, even with possibly "good intentions", is a horrible mistake.

This particular nation has gone from being "America" to being "the US", and the US is getting further along the path toward... well... nothing good.

It's the fault of those who continue to support government- especially by working for it. The blame that rests with people in the military and cops is exponentially greater than the blame anyone else bears- they are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the human face. They are the hired guns of the enemy- both in your hometown and around the planet. Their treachery is unforgivable.

Left to play itself out, this ends only one way- regardless of the symbol that will come to represent it.