Monday, May 01, 2023

Gun-hate cripples the mind

Anti-gun bigots don't think rationally.

I saw one arguing (in support of an anti-gun politician's bigoted claims) that guns "cost society", so gun owners need to pay those costs, and any gun owner who doesn't is shirking this responsibility.

There's so much bad "thinking" going on here.

Guns do figure into murders. They also figure into defense and thus lives saved. To pretend there's only a cost and no benefit is to be a liar. 

It's easy to calculate the number of innocent people harmed or killed by evil losers who use a gun because there are so many eager to blame guns-- they'll find and report every instance-- but it is completely impossible to calculate how many lives are saved by defenders using a gun. Most of the good guys who use a gun in defense are never going to report on themselves and face possible government persecution for their heroic act.

Anti-gun bigots aren't good at evaluating the situation and drawing good conclusions. They just hate guns and will hallucinate whatever it takes to justify this insane position.

Another big issue I have with this is that it advocates collective punishment. I'm against punishment in general (because I prefer justice, instead) but I passionately hate collective punishment.

A school "teacher" who punishes the whole class because of the behavior of one or two people is a disgusting individual. An anti-gun bigot who wants to hold the gun owners who didn't harm anyone accountable because of the acts of those who did is possibly even worse. Because the consequences are even worse. 

Only an evil and lazy person punishes the innocent along with the guilty.

My guns have never harmed anyone-- not even a bad guy. To falsely claim I "owe" society because I have guns is evil and lazy. Those who harm others owe restitution; no one else does. No one else can.

If you want gun owners punished for the acts of evil losers just because you irrationally hate guns, you are also an evil loser-- you are as bad as a mass shooter. Maybe worse, in the long run.

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