Monday, December 08, 2014

Excuses to do nothing

Why do you hesitate to advocate for real Rightful Liberty? Because you see the effects it could have in our current situation?

There will always be some government-manufactured problem which will seem to be an excuse to not solve another government-manufactured problem with the application of copious amounts of Liberty.

You can't get rid of all anti-immigration "laws" because of welfare.

You can't get rid of the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs because of the poor economy and lack of jobs.

You can't call for the elimination of "taxation" because too many are dependent upon the "services" it pays for.

You can't get rid of cops because anti-gun "laws" have emboldened aggressors and thieves.

You can't get rid of all anti-gun "laws" because .... well, because I suppose criminals of all stripes are scared of being shot.

You can't abolish kinderprisons because people have forgotten that educating themselves and their children is one of the main responsibilities of humans.

The excuses are seemingly endless.

Those are no reason to keep doing the wrong thing for fear of what might happen as a consequence of doing the right thing. Do the right thing- get rid of the counterfeit rules- and then eliminate each new government-created problem as it crops up.

That's how you get from here to there; not the "strategy" of refusing to ever do anything right because someone has set up a system that means the right thing might cause a problem.

Get over the cowardice. Stand up and do the right thing every time you have a choice.