Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crime- the solution is ready and waiting

I was just reading something I found on Rational Review News (you do get their daily email digest, right?):

"Within reason, you can have any violent crime rate you want by manipulating the gun laws. Absolute gun bans result in violent crime rates as bad as Venezuela. Or worse.
Semi-absolute gun bans with large quantities of forbidden weapons coming in from the outside results in Chicago."

That is so true.  And you and I have witnessed that fact play out in the real world over and over again.  The anti-liberty bigots have also witnessed the same thing.  Which means "safety" can't be the goal of the anti-liberty bigots who keep advocating anti-gun "laws".

I want to see people all around me with a gun on their hip.  Not "law enforcement"; people.  This is because I prefer civilization to whatever passes for "civilization" now.  An armed society is a polite society- and I have been a part of polite societies before and would like to see them spread over the globe so that police states become the exception rather than the rule.

Anyone who doesn't want you armed- right now, wherever you are- is saying he doesn't trust you, doesn't like you, and doesn't care if you are harmed.  That's sick.