Thursday, July 27, 2023

Bland people spreading blandness

Some people are just bland; gray, formless, and without flavor. That's fine. Not everyone needs to be a colorful character.

But, there's a certain percentage of these bland people who spend a lot of time and effort trying to drive others to blandness. They'll belittle, shame, and use "reasons" why someone is ridiculous for not being as bland as they are. 

Oh, they'll never use the word "bland", of course.

There are others, who aren't so bland, who seem threatened by anyone else who isn't bland. I guess they fear they won't stand out if others feel free to have some color. So they discourage it.

They'll discourage you from thinking outside the box they approve of. They'll insist you do things the way they've decided are the right way-- usually "right" without reasons they can explain. They'll use pragmatism, "society", and outcomes as justification. They'll call anyone who doesn't agree with them an NPC (even if that would equally describe themselves) or say you are thinking badly.

Go ahead and listen to their arguments, but don't be bullied into accepting them without thought.

There are some benefits to blandness. "The Gray Man" is a smart tactic. But scolding others for not being bland is a weak person's approach.
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