Friday, July 08, 2022

Preventing evil loserism

Is it my imagination or do the recent evil losers look unusually effeminate and/or weak? (As do many of their cheerleaders.) With the parade shooter being practically a parody of the "type".

Or, is that just the current condition of the species (in America) and any random sample of young males would look the same?

But then, there are also the "masculine" bullies (another type of evil loser)-- who are probably a large piece of the puzzle triggering the shooters. Does everyone have to be only one or the other? And how does it make the problem worse that so many girls have rejected boys (or being girls) altogether? It was already hard enough for anyone who wasn't a star athlete to find a happy relationship, but now?

Would you be doing the world a favor if you tried to reach out and befriend anyone who looked this way-- especially if they also seemed angry? Or would you just be putting yourself at unnecessary risk?

I don't know an answer that will be widely respected, since all the loudest voices prefer to blame the tool and punish those of us who didn't become evil losers-- and they refuse to hear or consider anything else, no matter how many innocent lives are lost on their altar.


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