Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cops are scum.

Cops are scum. That is the central truth about cops upon which all else hinges.

It is why they enforce counterfeit "laws".
It's why they live on stolen money while stealing money.
It's why they shoot dogs, choke cats, stomp kittens, shoot children, strangle men, rape women, kick in doors looking for dried leaves, and generally act in opposition to society and civilization.
It's why they are cowards.
It's why they "just want to go home at the end of the shift" even if it means murdering non-aggressive people.
It's why cops hate armed people who aren't a member of their gang, The Blue Line Gang, especially those who didn't get permission from their gang first, and why they enforce anti-gun "laws".
It's why they murder people, especially armed people, in the name of "officer safety".
Most people in prison are there as a result of cops being scum.
It's why cops can't stand criticism, or people pointing out the truth about them.
It's why they threaten violence against anyone who doesn't worship them.
It's why they say absurd lies like "Busting ours, protecting yours" while protecting no one but themselves and those who control their paychecks.
It's why they accept military gear from the feds, for use against their neighbors.
It's why they hate your privacy, but insist upon their own.
It's why they believe their "authority" trumps your property rights.
It's why they'll help other bullies who insist on you getting permission to engage in trade.
It's why bullies, and sometimes the bullied, want to become cops.

"Nice cops" are only newsworthy because cops are scum.

It's why human scum becomes cops. Like seeks like.


Edited to add: Just a reminder, in case you need one, that since being a cop is a job-- a set of behaviors-- the way to stop being guilty of being a cop is to immediately quit the police force, and to resolve to never again initiate force or violate property. Not as part of a "job" nor as a freelance bad guy. That's it. This isn't to mean there will not be consequences for past bad behavior. A burglar, rapist, a murderer, or a cop may stop doing what it was that was wrong, but consequences could still occur. That's just reality. But you can change what you do from this moment forward, and stop being part of the problem.

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