Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Welcome to the Asylum

From my perspective, it looks like society has been largely replaced by a carnival of mental illness. We are all treading water in a sea of mental illness made worse by a political hurricane.

I know some experts have been saying there's no such thing as mental illness. OK, call it whatever you want to call it. It's obvious something harmful is going on.

It looks to me like people's brains aren't working. It's causing problems for them, and they won't rest until it engulfs everyone else, too. Misery loves company.

It's not just politics, although it has political implications as long as politics infests society.
It's not just a difference in preferences. 

It's more like insisting leprechauns are running the world, making that the central premise of your life, and attacking (canceling, imprisoning) anyone who doesn't believe the same. A simple preference isn't this crazy. These people look like they are.

But, if I were mentally ill, maybe that's how I would see those who have it all together. Maybe their leprechauns are real after all and I'm the one with the problem since I believe I know they aren't. How do I know it's not me who's mentally ill? Along with those who agree with me.

One thing I notice is that those I see as having a mental problem are consistently angry, anxious, and depressed. They are looking for problems to embrace as their own, to get some sort of social cred. Their brains are harming them. 

Then, they want to use politics to impose their problems on everyone else.

There are times I feel angry, anxious, and depressed, too. When I do, I don't go looking for more problems to add to the pile. I wouldn't feel better by finding more labels; more victimhood.

I don't tend to blame everyone else when I feel bad. I blame myself or I blame circumstances (stupid cataract!). 

Those I see as being mentally ill blame me, want to force me to go along with them, and lose their minds when I don't. They are dangerous to anyone who doesn't see/feel what they do. When they have political power, they'll actually kick in doors and murder people in their own homes, just because they can get away with it.

An obvious implication of this is that no one should have power over the lives of others. It's too dangerous to allow.

As things stand, there can be no middle ground. No compromise is possible unless they'll stay out of my life and stop trying to govern-- and they don't seem to even be able to consider this suggestion. They must have their way, or else.

As long as "the majority" pretends government is legitimate, inevitable, and necessary, things probably won't get any better. The mentally ill among us will continue to make dangerous pests of themselves.

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