Friday, June 28, 2024

Only because many people have guns

"Gun violence" is a political lie. Aggression is the problem, not violence. And it doesn't matter what tool an evil loser uses while committing aggression. Not to the outcome or to the victims.

Pointing out this reality makes anti-gun bigots uncomfortable. One told me "All the people who died in mass shootings alone don’t agree with you. Pretending it’s not an issue is the 'political lie'."

So I responded "Do you believe they would have preferred to be killed with another tool? Maybe axes? Or machetes? It's aggression, not the tool."

She came back at me with "That's a fun way to spin gun violence that doesn't exist in other countries. When people ask you if you like apples do you go down a list of every single fruit and why they need to talk about those?"

I knew some version of this would be the reply, and I was ready.
"Do you know why evil losers who want to murder a lot of people in America are forced to use guns, instead of using machetes or knives like they do in other countries? Because enough good people in America have guns that they couldn't get a "high enough" body count otherwise."

Evil losers planning a mass murder want a high body count, whether they plan to survive the event or not. This does inform their choice of tool. In a place populated with unarmed slaves, a knife is sufficient. In a place populated with potentially armed people, an evil loser armed only with a knife would likely die before he killed "enough" people to satisfy his lust for death and destruction. So, of course, he will choose a tool which is both available and would allow him to kill enough people before his aggressive reign of death is ended with violence. In this case he will usually choose a gun. Ban guns, or make it harder for good people to be armed, and he can use an axe, a machete, a knife, a baseball bat, or his bare hands.

And, of course, in either situation, the ones who want a really high body count will usually choose poison gas or a bomb.

Anyone using the lie of "gun violence" as an excuse to allow government to ration weapons is on the side of the mass murderers, whether they admit it or not. 

You don't make people safer by allowing the worst mass murderer in the history of the planet-- political government-- to ration or prohibit weapons to everyone but its own enforcers and death squads. It takes a powerful delusion to make someone believe it would. Statism is just such a delusion.

Three people I cared about have been murdered by evil losers using a gun. I don't blame the gun in any of those murders because I'm not an imbecile. I'm disappointed by those who apparently are.

(The link to this post was removed by FascistBook. They say it violated their standards. I requested a review. Want to bet they'll investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong?)

Thank you for reading.