Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Politics = lies

I am stunned at the tsunami of lies overrunning society. The most damaging ones are mainly political, or have a political reason for being pushed.

It has become clear to me that if it's political, it's a lie, and that if it's a lie, it's probably being used politically in some way.

No realm is immune: science, religion, justice, etc. And, of course, ALL of politics from top to bottom. All are being filled with lies to serve political agendas. Many are told "for your own good"-- at least that's the justifying lie. 

I hate it.

The more political things you hear or read, the more lies you'll consume.

If it's political it's probably pointless to ask if it's a lie. Better, accept it's a lie and figure out why it's being told. Who is it targeting, and why? What's the truth?

It's not that one side is guilty and other sides are innocent-- even though it does appear that the side with the most power is generally the worst side. The side with the most power tells the biggest lies and tries to force everyone to pretend they aren't lies. That's probably just a result of having power. Which is why political power is illegitimate.

It's one thing to be told lies constantly. That's ordinary politics. It's a whole new level of evil to try to force people to repeat the lies as if they are true, and punish them when they won't buy in. Of course, for the same reason, inconvenient truth must be punished. 

That's a line I won't tolerate, won't cross and won't forgive. I'm tired of it and it makes me angry. And it's the apparent main goal of the political liars all around us.

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