Saturday, January 29, 2022

They are out there. Somewhere.

Just when I was starting to wonder whether it was worth the effort to keep writing the weekly newspaper column, I got a lot of positive feedback this week. The timing was good.

One was about an apparent reprint of last week's column in the Roswell Daily Record, which I wasn't aware ever printed my columns, and which I can't find in a search. But I got a supportive note from a reader there who said that's where they read it, so it seems it was in there somewhere.

I even got a nice note from someone who was just passing through the area on their way back to Minnesota when they encountered my column-- so that was kind of cool.

Sometimes it seems so pointless to keep writing about liberty as authoritarianism and tyranny rage out of control in this country. Seeing the criminal acts being committed right now by the BATFEces thugs who just make up rules as they see fit while pretending their victims are the criminals has just about pushed me over the edge. So, it's good to see that not everyone is a cowardly government-supremacist. There are still some people out in the wild who "get it". Let's help them spread and multiply.


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