Thursday, February 26, 2015

A snake in the grass

I hate to give this guy more views on his rather unpopular video, but when he says "Nutball 'Patriots' accuse Dave of being an undercover federal agent bent on the destruction of the 'Patriot Movement'" (in the video's description), he is talking about me.

I am not a "patriot", and I never mentioned "The Patriot Movement" in the discussion he is referring to (which I have preserved in its entirety by screen cap, for posterity). I also never sent him any private message- and suggested (in a public comment on the video) he post screen caps of any I supposedly sent him.

He is a liar on these points, so if you are listening to his advice in regards to anything else, be very careful.

I can't believe people actually recommended him to me in the past. No thanks. With "friends" like him, I don't need any aggressors.

Added- Here are the screencaps, in case you are interested and can't see them on Facebook. As usual, click to embiggen:


Let's get this underground railroad moving

So, UPS and FedEx refuse to ship the Ghost Gunner. That's within their rights*- or the rights of the owners, anyway. (*I'm slightly dubious on the basis that they got in bed with The State by incorporating and basically becoming part of The State, but I'll ignore that objection for the moment.)

So, how to get Ghost Gunners to those who bought them? I am willing to be a station on the Ghost Gunner underground railroad. Maybe "the Ghost Railroad" would be a more appropriate name. And I offer this service without charge, simply because I think it is in my best interest to get as many of these as possible to the people who will use them.

This is something concrete I can do for liberty.

Maybe this isn't a good idea- and yes, I see potential problems. Maybe Defense Distributed doesn't need my help. I offer it anyway.

So, I am writing to Defense Distributed, offering my services. I hope lots of people are willing to join me.

(H/T to War on Guns.)


Don't waste your worry

I always hear people saying "If you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about".

I have my doubts, due to the fact I have actually learned from history.

But how about this: If you are going to worry anyway, why not go ahead and do the things you are afraid you'll be accused of? At least then you can worry with good reason.

Of course, those who usually say the parroted police state mantra I quoted at the beginning won't worry about anything until they suddenly find themselves on the wrong end of a Jackboot's gun. And then they'll be so surprised and convince themselves that it's one of those rare "bad apples"*.

*The "bad apples" give the other 0% of cops a bad name.