Monday, November 08, 2021

Political opinions can be irrelevant, if you let them be

I follow some preppers on YouTube who have opinions-- political opinions-- I don't agree with. 

I still respect their other opinions-- their opinions on prepping-- because they don't try to force those weird political opinions on anyone else. Thus, those warped opinions are irrelevant. Their other opinions are still worthwhile.

There are others I generally respect who can't let go of some really dumb beliefs that make me occasionally pause and reconsider their beliefs on other topics. But, yeah, they can be super smart in some ways while having blind spots in other places.

That's how it is with those in my personal sphere who have political opinions but don't try to impose them on anyone. They may believe bizarre nonsense, but it doesn't matter if they don't use those beliefs against others.

No matter how toxic someone's opinions may be, as long as they keep them personal and don't try to force others to live according to them, I can ignore them (but not forget they exist-- that would be dangerous).


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