Monday, March 09, 2020

Being different

Different doesn't mean wrong. But different can be wrong.

There are lots of times I discover someone does something-- or thinks-- differently than I do. Sometimes I decide to try their way. Often there's a reason I don't. But just because their way is different doesn't mean I automatically think it's wrong.

I like to consider different ways.

Obviously, if someone has a different way to wire a house for electricity but the lights don't work or it causes that house to burn down, that way was wrong.

Or, if they think differently about taxation-- insisting it's not theft or extortion-- that opinion is objectively wrong.

But often, things aren't that cut-and-dried. People will have a different perspective that doesn't automatically result in disaster or violate anyone's life, liberty, or property. Then it may be different, but not wrong.

As long as it works and doesn't violate anyone, it's a right way. For most things, there are lots of right ways, many of which are yet to be discovered. If you haven't found a right way which works, try something different. Keep trying different things until you find something that works without violating anyone.

If it doesn't work, it's wrong. This is probably the most common condition there is. I would magically make everyone free and rich... but magic doesn't work, so focusing on this wrong way is a waste of time. It's disappointing news, I know.

If it works but violates someone's life, liberty, or property, it's a wrong way. Legislation is always wrong. No matter how essential you believe it is to do something, if your only path is to violate others, it's the wrong way. To invoke legislation means you've failed to do something the right way, even if it would be right to do it. Many are disappointed by this... or they would be if they'd accept its truth. But they won't. They don't want to hear it so they don't listen.

Apparently, it is no longer acceptable to tell people their different way is wrong. Truth is less important than sparing their feelings. Just let them be different and walk right off the cliff so you don't make them feel bad, I guess.


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