Monday, October 03, 2022

Got nothing? Demand to see their degree

When people realize they are wrong, they suddenly rely more heavily on appeals to authority.

I've seen it many times. 

They'll demand to know what your psychology credentials are when you point out that they are projecting. Even if moments before they were shrugging off expert opinions that didn't align with what they want to continue believing.

It doesn't matter that a degree isn't necessary to recognize what they are doing right in front of you. Or that they (also lacking a psych degree) made an almost identical comment about someone else moments before. It doesn't take a degree in ornithology to know a pigeon is a bird-- or that a frog isn't.

I've watched it happen with many topics. Recently I'm seeing it mostly in anti-gun bigots, probably because that's who I'm engaging with (poking at) the most. 

When you've got nothing supporting your position, you'll imagine "authority" in anything you can twist to prop up your side, and you'll demand unnecessary "authority" when called out.


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