Sunday, January 10, 2021

Take back your own responsibility

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for December 9, 2020)

Like it or not, everyone has the responsibility to make their own decisions. If they decide to wear a mask because they believe it will keep them (or others) safe, they are free to do so. They are violating their responsibility when they threaten to use government violence to force others to wear a mask.

People have the responsibility to run their business without intentionally causing harm. Customers have the responsibility to choose which businesses to use. Anyone who dictates how other people's businesses must be run is violating their responsibility to not harm others.

Responsibility is hard, and it's uncomfortable for a lot of people. They'll listen to, and obey, politicians instead of doing what is responsible and right.

You are responsible for your body, your actions, and your property. Your main responsibility is to not violate the life, liberty, or property of any other person. Responsibility can be scary. It seems most people would rather shift their responsibility to government, and government would be happy to take it.

Except, you can't give your responsibilities to others. You can only pretend to do so. You are still responsible for anything done on your behalf.

Responsibility is power. You can decide whether to use this power or ignore it, but loaning your power to others isn't wise. When your power is used by others to harm people, the responsibility is still yours. Letting government borrow your responsibility is like loaning a gun to someone who has a history of robbing banks and admits he plans to do so again. It's unethical and irresponsible to loan your power to any such person or group of people.

If you abdicate your responsibility anyway, government will claim it. Then, they will pervert it. They will misuse your responsibility-- your power-- to violate the rights of others. When you consent to what is being done, the responsibility is on your shoulders. Stop consenting for your power to be used against others in harmful ways.

Take back your responsibility and hang on to it like the treasure it is.

Realistically, it isn't safe to take your power back from those who want it. They'll threaten and punish you. Your neighbors will probably stand against you. The brainwashing is strong, and after 12 or more years of indoctrination in government schools-- or government-friendly schools-- most people simply can't overcome it.

Do it anyway. It's the right thing.

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Want a Time's Up flag?

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Hey, statism-- Time's Up!

In the past month or two-- basically since November 3rd's political ritual-- my Time's Up design has been getting a lot of attention again.

After the Expedition to Congress on January 6th, the attention ramped up even more.

I would like to pretend this means people are getting smart (or ethical) and rejecting politics, which is the main message of "Time's Up", but realistically I know it's probably mostly "conservatives" who are upset at the generally reported results of November 3rd's political ritual. If things had gone their way they wouldn't be noticing my design so much.

I never try to hide or water down the message. I'm glad for the sales of patches (I wish it would translate into sales of TeeSpring products, too) but it is not a statist design-- not for any faction of statism. The eBay listing says as much for all to read. And I never pretend otherwise. Not even for more sales. 

Statism is being shown for what it is for anyone to see if they look. It has been running on borrowed time. 

Time's Up for statism; for all forms of political government and those who support such a barbaric, uncivilized, antisocial abomination.

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