Friday, August 18, 2017

Fellow travelers taking detours

A lot of people will never care about liberty. At all. They'll never value it. Forget them. They are like rocks and trees on the landscape. They are scenery. Learn to navigate around them. Don't go out of your way to kick them. That will only end up hurting you.

And some people once cared, but lost their way.

I know people who used to consider me (and those like me) to be fellow travelers on the path toward Rightful Liberty, but no longer do. I have some in mind, but I won't embarrass them by naming names.

It's not because my position changed in any meaningful way-- it's because they moved to the political "right" when it became "pragmatic" to do so.

In many cases they enthusiastically embraced the Borderist anti-property rights position, and in other cases they embraced other aspects of Trumpism. A few just went completely off the deep end into "alt-right" craziness-- those are thankfully rare. But all this is a matter of degree, not a difference of kind. (Others jumped into the Left end of the statism pool, but that's a different subject for another time.)

I could be sad about this. In fact, I often am.
Or I can hope this soon passes and they'll get back on course after it does. Being hopeful is what I choose to do.

I'll still be here when they get over it.

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