Friday, July 12, 2019

Archating, sub-human scum

My mom's 95-year-old uncle has been victimized yet again. Last year he got burglarized (bottom of that post); Tuesday night (July 9th) some nasty sub-human vermin smashed in all his doors and windows, broke holes in his floors, and poured gasoline around his house and tried to burn it down.

He built this home himself over half a century ago.

Fortunately, he was at his daughter's house rather than at home when the archation occurred.

An observant neighbor noticed suspicious activity and called the Blue Line Gang to investigate, and surprisingly, one of them got there soon enough to catch one of the worthless vermin moseying down the road-- eager to confess. Two of the three scum responsible still managed to elude capture, but the one now sitting in a cage will probably sing like a canary (it seems he is already doing so).

The stupid parasite who burglarized his house last year is still sitting in a cage awaiting trial or sentencing or something. His lawyer has been trying to delay this forever, but I guess time is running out and something is scheduled to happen soon. This makes me suspicious that Tuesday's disgusting vandals have some connection to the burglar. Maybe revenge for their worthless "friend" facing the burglary charges. But that's just speculation on my part and I might be completely wrong.

I really hate people who intentionally violate others. I have no pity for them no matter what happens-- feeling that death is a satisfactory outcome. I wouldn't lift a finger to save a vandal's life even if I had to go out of my way to avoid saving him. No, I wouldn't involve the Blue Line Gang if it were up to me, and I wouldn't go for revenge/punishment. But I would find a way to make them regret their life choices.

I simply can't comprehend what makes a person decide to be so utterly worthless as to vandalize the house of an old man who never did anything to them. Maybe they were just raised in a degraded "culture" [sic] of archation (as many people are) and vandalism sounded like a fun time.

At 95 years old, a shock like this could easily cause my great-uncle to have a heart attack and die. If he died from the stress these parasites caused him I would consider them murderers.

I'm really angry right now. I even waited an extra day to say anything about it to keep from saying anything I wouldn't want in writing. But I am still just as angry.

This is the guy who confessed and was arrested. Click to enlarge.


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