Sunday, July 20, 2014

Desperation leads to pedestal monsters

Many people are so desperate for a leader they believe will "represent" their "values" they grasp at anyone who utters anything they can hold on to, and start promoting him (or her) as the Chosen One for the next election. I think that's really sad.

One case in point is the "conservatives", especially the deeply "Christian"/religious ones, I see pushing Dr. Ben Carson. As if he's a conservative.

He says the right religious things to appeal to a certain segment of the "Christian conservative" community, and he's apparently physically attractive to many v*ters, but he's an anti-liberty bigot. Specifically, and very tellingly, he's against guns in your hands. In some instances. Sure, he weasel-words his way around the issue, but at its core, that's his "belief".

As L. Neil Smith points out, the "gun issue" is like an X-ray right into the deepest, darkest recesses of a politician's mind. If he doesn't respect your absolute human right to own and to carry any gun you want, openly or concealed, everywhere you go, without ever asking anyone's permission, then he would rather you die than be able to defend himself from bad guys. Including cops and politicians. If he values a cop's or politician's life more than he values yours, which is what he is telling you when he has "reservations" about gun ownership and possession, then he is nothing but a government elitist. A pro-government extremist. He's not on your side.

Any comforting religious things he says should not make you ignore that fact. He doesn't care if you die for lack of adequate self defense tools, so he is not "pro-life".

I wish people would finally accept the fact that they don't "need" a political leader. All those you set up on a pedestal are monsters of one sort or another.