Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Demanding entitlement drones

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Back around Insurrection Day (July 4) a group of veterans held the "local" Walmart hostage. Or, at least tried to.

They had wanted the Walmart employees to wear red shirts and collect money (or promote something- I forget exactly which) for their group on that Friday.

The Walmart already does a huge collection push for the Children's Miracle Network, and for whatever reason declined to add the veterans to their supported charities. As if they don't already bend over backward to accommodate and worship the military in other ways.

So, on that morning (I believe it was July 3) the veterans showed up ready to invade Walmart to make their demands and try to pressure the store managers into changing their minds.

Walmart managers met them at the door and kept them from coming in.

This was seen as a disgraceful act on the part of Walmart by some people. I heard it said that "if any group deserves [to be honored], it is veterans". Yuck.

I see veterans (in general, I know there are wonderful exceptions) as entitled whiners. They risked life and limb (and often lost both) to impose the agenda of the federal mafia on people around the globe, but want it to be called "fighting for your freedom" instead of talking about it honestly. Then, since being paid with stolen money while imposing The State on people wasn't enough, they want everyone to worship and support them for the rest of their lives.

I'm amazed and glad Walmart didn't bow under the pressure.

Of course, none of this is to be read as being a fan of Walmart. Corporations are another branch of the State and are disgusting, too.


Police culture

The police have a "culture". An uncultured culture of entitlement and brutality.

An aggressive gang culture where they cover up the evil actions of their gang "brothers" and "sisters".

A whiny culture where if they don't get the groveling respect they believe they are entitled to, they'll tell you they hope you or your loved ones get raped and robbed so you'll believe you need them- or they'll do it to you themselves.

Or kill you.

To me, cops and their culture are completely unacceptable. They are unwelcome in my presence. I can't really understand why anyone tolerates them.

Oh wait... yes I do. Indoctrination, through TV and kinderprison.