Friday, April 20, 2018

Know your statists

They are all the same, in that they believe governing others to be legitimate, but although I have said a statist is a statist, and "left" and "right" are not relevant, there are times it helps to know how the statist sees itself.

They differ on which superstitions drive them to that belief. If you want to focus on those specific delusions, or want to avoid them in "polite" conversation, it helps to know how they differ.

"Right" statists are dead serious over (their notion of) morality, honor, responsibility, culture-- or more generally what they see as the lack thereof in their enemies.

"Left" statists get weepy over fairness, safety, self-esteem-- or more generally over ways they think their enemies stomp on these "values".

Where they don't differ is that they both believe it's OK to force you to live by what they value, and kill you if you resist. Which is why I say they are all the same-- at least where it matters.

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