Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I find myself more at peace recently- with regards to non-libertarians.  Maybe I have more pressing things on my mind.  Or maybe I have matured a little.  Or maybe it is a temporary thing and will soon pass.

That doesn't mean I don't speak up, it just means I'm not going to get too worked up by those who continue to reject liberty in favor of slavery- unless they come to me.  They are wrong, obviously, but my telling them so probably won't make them accept it.  Sometimes when I start to respond to someone, on someone else's blog, or on a news story somewhere else, I take a moment and decide it's not worth it.

Of course, this only applies to "other" places, statist places- not "my own territory" (such as this blog), or friendly spaces around the internet.  And, if you come to me defending statism and other forms of slavery, I'll probably not spare my keyboard.