Saturday, January 21, 2017

Some blogskeeping

Just to keep you up to date. Never fear, I'm not going to turn into a statist. I'm not a Trump supporter any more than I was an Obama supporter, nor am I a supporter of any politician. Ever.

So, when I speak of "direction", it doesn't mean anything like that.

The direction in which I would like to keep this blog moving:

  • Continue posting once per day, at least. Have something ready to go in case the newspaper neglects to post my column online, as happened this week.
  • Limit the "wall of text" posts; if I can't say it briefly, I should reconsider saying it until I can.
  • Don't worry that I might offend statists with something I say. They aren't reading this blog anyway. And if they happen upon it, they need to be offended.
I would like more supporters and subscribers, but I have stopped looking at the stats as a measure of how I'm doing. People will either read, or they won't.

Beyond that, I need to get back into making the videos. They never get many views, but they are good practice for me.

And, that's where I stand with the blog. Yes, I may keep evolving- always in the direction of more Rightful Liberty, as has been the direction I've moved my entire life.


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