Sunday, June 02, 2013

Bad jobs

I think most people don't want to admit that there are some jobs that are legal that are just bad and should never be done.

They can call freelance aggressive thugs and thieves bad people, as well as people who do the illegal jobs that are honest- like those who deal in politically incorrect drugs or trade in sexual favors- but they pussyfoot around the fact that every TSA employee is a rapist, every cop is a thief and bully, and every politician is a mobster.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

When those jobs are illustrated to the general public, especially if children might see, the core nature of the job isn't shown.  These bad guys are shown to be helpful and necessary.

Just watch some kids' cartoon where one of those jobs is shown and you'll never see any resemblance to reality beyond the ridiculously superficial.  And all the main parts of the job will be ignored and never shown at all.

Of course, they can sometimes show politicians and lobbyists as bad guys, but only if they work for "the other side" - the politically incorrect "minority" (which may actually be in the majority) side.

Makes me wanna produce TV shows.