Monday, May 19, 2014

Whose news?

The "mainstream media", those outlets that people often look to for "the news", are not telling you the truth. They are telling a skewed version of the truth, which may not be exactly false, but it isn't really true, either.

I know, that's not "news" to you.

Even most of those which allow a lone libertarian (or other) voice of truth only do so to appear "balanced" or "fair". Or as a curiosity. The rest of what they spread is simply government-approved propaganda which various government employees want placed into your mind. It saves them work to allow a government employee to hand them their "news" rather than working for it themselves, or to only think what they are told to think about an issue the State is involved in. If nothing else, options (and opinions) are limited.

So, while they may allow an opinion to be shared that points out government is nothing but theft and aggression, the bulk of their daily message is that government is normal, necessary, and good- as long as it is done right by the "right people" in "the right way". It's the vast majority of what they print and broadcast- government did this, official spokescritter said this, etc.

It's difficult to counter that constant drumbeat.

The "journalists" are propping up the very evil they should be exposing. It's like the exterminator feeding the rats in your house. Possibly for much the same reason.

A free society would not have as much opportunity for the "mainstream media" to feed- things would go too smoothly for their comfort. So, by propping up The State they can be assured of a constant supply of scandal and trouble. The exterminator feeding the rats instead of killing them is protecting his market- just like the "journalist" who keeps preaching subliminal (or open) support for The State.

Plus, most journalists seem to be government extremists, themselves. It's an incestuous relationship, but you and I are the ones getting screwed.

Now, I realize that truth isn't popular. When the majority of people have been trained to clap and perform tricks for The State- and have been made psychologically dependent on its continuation, and sometimes physically dependent on its handouts- they don't want to hear that they are supporting a systemic evil. They want to feel good about themselves. Anything or anyone that exposes them to reality will be hated and vilified.

But truth is needed anyway.

And that's where the internet comes in, to fill the holes. Sure, you have to keep your brain engaged. There is probably even more deceptive content on the internet than on TV, radio, and in newspapers and news magazines. But YOU control what you are exposed to this way. And you can talk back. Please do.