Friday, September 01, 2023

Revolving door injustice

Governing others is a crime. A real crime, not a made-up victimless "crime". It is archation. It creates victims. It creates a debt to those victims that requires restitution. Ignoring this is injustice.

Those serial archators, at worst, get a slap on the wrist and remain free to govern again. And they will continue to do so as long as they live. There are no real consequences to prevent it. It's the worst example of revolving door "justice" there is.

One tragic example is all those political criminals who keep making up new anti-gun rules. When their new rule gets slapped down, they just commit the exact same crime as soon as possible. Usually using previous crimes they got away with as justification for the new crimes. They need to be stopped. Hard!

If I were like most people I'd say serial governing is the best argument for "three strikes, you're out". In this case, most politicians would be long overdue for life imprisonment. But I oppose imprisonment, even for something as serious as serial governing.

What I really support is for each and every political criminal's next intended victim to put a permanent end to the criminal at the moment of the attack. "But that's illegal." Of course it is, because the criminals write and enforce the rules. It doesn't make it wrong, just dangerous. 

Eventually, it's going to have to become standard practice anyway, if society is to survive. I'm not optimistic. I'm not brave (or foolish?) enough to go first. I expect the situation will continue to get worse for this very reason. Maybe someday, someone will rebuild on the ashes of what we let die.


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