Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Leave it"? To where?

"If you don't like the government move to Somalia!"
"Love it or leave it!"

Supposedly government gains the imaginary quality known as "authority" through "consent of the governed". But you aren't allowed to not consent without pulling up stakes and moving somewhere else; somewhere which will be claimed by some other gang of thugs.

If that were the only way to withhold consent, then you aren't allowed to refuse consent to a rapist depending on where you happen to be. If you are on his property, or on property he claims as his own whether or not he actually owns it, you aren't allowed to refuse consent. You "owe" him, according to this way of belief.

Do you only have the right to not be raped if you are not on property owned or claimed by the rapist? Does that make any sense? No.

I do not consent to be governed (or otherwise violated), and my physical location is irrelevant to that right. As is yours.

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