Saturday, May 02, 2015

Constitution fluffers

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I generally have a lot of patience for those who respect and honor the Constitution and other such things. Probably more than is justified. In part because I kind of feel sorry for them. After all, I was once in their shoes, myself.

You can see the vestiges of that on the pages of (although a lot of that has fallen by the wayside due to updates over the years) and in the oldest posts on this blog.

It took time, thinking, and reading to realize that the Constitution was a horrible mistake if Rightful Liberty were the goal.

It's like saying you want to go to Tahiti, and traveling to Alaska to look for it. Sure, maybe someone lied to you about how to get there. Maybe you misunderstood something. But you aren't getting to your destination by going the wrong direction even if you really mean well.

To me, relying on the Constitution to advance or protect Rightful Liberty is no different from any other magic incantations. If it could work, it would have already worked and would always work. It can't, it didn't, it doesn't, and it won't.

It's a distraction that leads... well, somewhere else. It leads to Big Government and to propping up the belief in "authority". Been there, done that, survived to be better.