Saturday, October 26, 2013

Appearance of non-compliance

Have you ever noticed all the ridiculous "laws" that are passed when people find ways around the previous "laws"?  Or, when the previous "laws" fail to do as advertised?  Or, when it's more profitable to fine people than to reward the change in behavior that was the excuse for passing the "law" to begin with?

What am I talking about?  "Laws" such as ...

Banning electronic "cigarettes".

Ticketing people for "rolling through" a stop sign.

Just for a couple of examples.

It's not about health or safety- it's about compliance.  Rather, it's about stopping the appearance of non-compliance.  And, it's about using that appearance of non-compliance as a way to steal even more money from even more people.  It's the work of disgustingly evil people.  From those who clamor for the "laws", to those who agree with them.  And those who write the "laws", pass the "laws", and- ultimately- to the worthless maggot fodder who enforces those "laws".