Saturday, February 24, 2024

Don't submit to crime of 'gun control'

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 21, 2024)

Most politicians remind me of bungling bank robbers who get foiled in their clownish attempts to rob a bank. Rather than being sorry or changing their ways, they decide they'll rob two banks tomorrow.

Instead of robbing banks, though, they keep committing the greater crime of "gun control".

New Mexico's governor Michelle Lujan Grisham seems to want to be on the Most Wanted list for gun law criminals, right up there with the worst dictators in history.

On one hand, how embarrassing for anyone to support such a politician! On the other hand, I prefer when people tell you who they are and what they are plotting to do to you. It's why freedom of speech is non-negotiable. Leave bad people free to incriminate themselves. It's better than a sneak attack by someone you thought was a decent person.

The stack of anti-gun rules perpetually on the agenda-- dishonestly labeled "gun safety laws" today-- always makes things worse. People who won't hesitate to murder anyone who stands in their way aren't going to let another slew of silly laws stop them. Believing it would make a positive difference is a political hallucination which tells more about the believer's mind than about the real world.

People understand this until it comes to politics, then they shut off their brains and parrot the party line.

What about "crime" and "gun violence"?

Crime's solution is known: don't get in the way of anyone trying to defend themselves from those violating their life, liberty, or property. Anything else helps the criminals.

"Gun violence" is a lie; a false distinction crafted by political criminals for the purpose of enslaving you. If they can use manufactured fear to control you-- to rob you of your self-ownership-- that's what they'll do. It's not somehow worse to be harmed by a bad guy using a gun than by a bad guy using a fist, a brick, a car, or a law. Only a political liar would want you to believe otherwise.

No one ever calls for you to be disarmed (or inadequately armed) for your benefit. If you believe their lies to the contrary, you've given yourself over to the enemy. The only reason anyone wants you disarmed is so they can do things to you which you wouldn't allow if you were armed. It's your warning a crime is being planned, and you're the intended victim. Don't go along.

Liberty is the greater good!
If you want to support what I do, you will. If not, you won't.
Thank you.

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Climate assumptions and manipulation

I hear it more and more these days: “As weather threats intensify”, “as the weather gets more extreme”, “as climate change causes more disruption", etc. 

I don’t see intensifying threats, more extreme weather, or more disruption. Do you?

Which of us is most likely to be hallucinating, the one who sees something that isn’t there or the one who doesn’t see what someone else claims is there?

Those who say these things in this way are "thinking past the sale"; making assumptions that they hope you won't notice. 

It's a trick, regardless of whether AGCC is real or imaginary-- I'm agnostic about that-- a dishonest tactic. Just keep in mind what they are doing every time you hear them use one of those phrases. It's not because they are trying to give you correct information. It's because they are trying to manipulate you. 

They want you to give up liberty, or they mean to take it from you by force.

Here are some of the