Sunday, September 04, 2016

Random thoughts

Here is a selection of "status updates" I have posted on Facebook recently. This is what happens to the random thoughts that form inside my head. Some turn into blog posts, but most just fade away.


An election is the act of choosing a new paint job for the tank which is plowing through your house and crushing your children.


I dislike old wives tales, and consider them ignorant and harmful.

Such as that cats will smother babies, that you shouldn't swim for an hour after eating, or that government can be good.


If America really were the "home of the brave", then it would still be the "land of the free". In fact, not in myth.

"The brave" would never have allowed politicians with their laws and their cops to get America in the stranglehold it is in. They would have shot them long, long ago, and stood up against them then and now.

Pseudo-bravery fought for the state. With the state. And supports the state and all its trappings. Pseudo-bravery is cowardice.

Real bravery withdraws consent and lets the state collapse without support. In spite of what others say about it, or threaten to do to you.


Among a population which believes in "authority", box cutters become weapons of mass destruction.


Some behaviors are wrong. Such as violating someone's life, liberty, or property.

If you engage in these behaviors you have done wrong. If these behaviors are a daily part of your life, you are a bad guy. If engaging in these behaviors is a condition of you keeping a particular job, the job is evil and you are a bad guy for holding that "job". Period. There is no wiggle room there.

Pointing this out isn't "collectivist", or a refusal to understand why it is done. It isn't extremism to notice and call attention to this fact. It isn't "throwing out the baby with the bath water".

You may not like it. You may block me for calling you out on your inconsistency and hypocrisy. But it doesn't change reality just because you don't like it.


The "State of Texas" decided to certify a 15 year-old murder suspect as an adult.

If he can be "certified as an adult" in order to give the state what it wants, why can't others be certified as an adult when it comes to sex, or alcohol, or whatever it is the state doesn't want them to have access to?

And, since he's been certified as an adult, can he now do all the "adult things" with official approval, or is this a case of where it comes with only the penalties and none of the benefits? We both know the answer to that one.

Government is so bizarre.


If it isn't possible to remain ethical/good and defeat evil, then good is a losing position and will be wiped out regardless.
Because once you stop being ethical/good, good has lost anyway.


There is reality, and there is the opposite.

Those who rely on the opposite of reality want to make you feel bad about choosing reality.
They'll try to say things to make you doubt that reality exists.

Or they'll try to insist that their "reality" is just as valid as any other.

If all else fails they'll say "We'll just have to agree to disagree". That's the sign that they are simply not going to entertain reality- it offends them.

Reality doesn't care that some people choose to be offended by its existence. It just is.

Strangely, rejection of reality seems to not be as fatal as you might expect. I guess that's a lucky break for most humans, and a sort of tragedy for the rest.


Most drug abuse is simply dumb. Not evil, just dumb.

But there is one kind of drug abuse that is evil. Using the fact that drug abuse happens as an excuse to violate people to "prevent" that abuse is an abuse of drugs.

Prohibitionists are the most vile drug abusers possible. They are the truly evil drug abusers.


Whenever I see someone complaining that a situation was made worse by "government's failure to act", I know the reality is somewhat different.

The situation may have been made worse by individuals foolishly waiting for government to act, rather than taking it upon themselves to do what they know needs to be done.

The only way government can actually make a situation worse is by doing something- often by preventing others from doing the right thing. If you believe otherwise, you may have mind problems.

Maybe government should do exploratory surgery inside your head to fix it. After all, you wouldn't want government to fail to act, would you?


I am so disappointed in the people of this town.

I opened our little weekly paper and was so upset at what was inside I couldn't even keep reading.

First of all, the town thieves are hiring a third badge scum. That's the last thing any town needs. More cops means they will "find" more "crime"- they'll have to justify the stolen money they receive, after all.

Then I read that the school superintendent is implementing a random sexual molestation program at the school. They are calling it "random drug testing", but it relies on urinalysis, and if they watch the kids pee, they are molesting them- and if they don't, the kids will beat the test.

Why are these evil idiots not being run out of town on a rail, after being tarred and feathered? I know- because the people of the town support archation.

It makes me physically sick that people can be so dangerously ignorant.


So this election season, the "Libertarian" Party nominated a Republican archator and a Democrat archator, while the Republican Party nominated a Democrat archator, and the Democratic Party nominated a Neocon archator.

Notice a theme there?

Why on earth would you v*te?


What is the opposite on an anarchist?

It's not a statist, or even an authoritarian.

Nope, It's an archator.

Archators include statists, authoritarians, muggers, rapists, kidnappers, nice government employees, nasty government employees, cops, DemoCRAPublicans, malicious trespassers, borderists, copsuckers, flag wavers, slavers, banksters, the mafia, street gangs, nationalists, and anyone else who archates.

Be decent. Don't archate.


Hey, Chief Wiggum.

I don't find it comforting or helpful that you drive around the school looking for victims to rob. Your presence is a distraction to the drivers and you make the kids less safe while you seek victims.

Go away.


Nationalism is incompatible with reason, ethics, decency, and sense. It turns people into vile, murder-lusting robots.


Learning should be FUN!!
Government schooling turns it into a chore.
When you make something unpleasant, you will get less of it.
Government schools cause ignorance, and create a life-long aversion to learning in most people.


Is it "apathy" to refuse to beg politicians to not violate you?
Sure doesn't seem that way to me, but people who want you to "take political action" frame it that way.


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